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Indonesian people can actually learn from the experience of other countries and from our own country as a result of the strengthening of the primordial, so that the existence and strengthening of integrative institutions such as the national education system, civil and military bureaucracy, political parties (the ideology of nationalism that can bridge the gap ethnic sharply, while the ethnic parties did not work) remain to be implemented by mengngat that this is as a consequence of a pluralistic society.
The necessity of unifying institutions through state building based on the idea of ​​a scientist Benedict Anderson, who regard nationalism as an ideology that forms an imaginary community (imagined communities). In the imaginary community into a real community also prove the truth of Geertz's theory about the necessity of unifying institutions, so that when the originator of the ideology of nationalism, the founding father is dead, nation states still persist and there is no disintegration. A brief description of the unifying institution in question are as follows: