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Barriers gwdtoday is a business my premier creditcard that comes from within ourselves that are intended to weaken or obstruct ataau conceptual desire or progress to be achieved.
my premier credit card There are several factors that become Inhibiting National Integration in Indonesia are as follows:

1. The people of Indonesia are very diverse (heterogeneous) preformance factors of ethnicity with each local culture, local language, religious affiliations race, and so on.
2. The area is so wide, consists of thousands of islands surrounded by vast oceans.
3. The amount of threats, challenges, obstacles and interference menrongrong integrity, unity and integrity of the nation, both from outside and within the country.
4. Still the magnitude of inequalities and inequities development raises a variety of discontent and despair among masyarakat.dampaknya will arise in various gejalah such as SARA, separatism and regionalism, or demonstrations and rallies.
5. The existence of understanding "ethnocentrism" among some tribes that highlight the advantages of cultural and otherwise despise the other ethnic cultures.
6. Lack of cultural values ​​of the nation due to the strong influence of foreign cultures that do not fit with the personality of the nation, both direct contact and not passed directly langsung.Kontak among others through the elements of tourism, while indirect contact such as through print media (magazines and tabloid) or electronic media (television, tape recorder, movie, radio) .It will impact the westernization or Westernized lifestyle, promiscuity, drug abuse and so forth.